Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

My Vacation with My Family

One day, my little brother said to my parents that he really wanted to went to the our hometown . So my parents promised him that the next day we would went to our hometown  in north-sumatera
2 days before Eid Day, we prepared many things in the afternoon. We brought clothes, toiletries, food, souvenirs and others for our necessity in there. journey from here to the my hometown is 2 days 1 night . Night before the first ied we arrived in Pekanbaru , cousin of my dad’s house, so we rested and stay there for one night. the next day , we continue our trips. The night the first Eid we arrived at the village of my father, in Paran gadung south-tapanuli. we were greeted warmly by our family. because for 4 years I was not return home, my family was surprised to see my changes, I was blushed. and next day we  pilgrimage to the tomb my grandfather and grandmother. a few days for there, I really enjoy the beauty of nature. , Because my father have business office and I and both my little brother back to school.  and finally we return to Kayuagung
That was a very exhausting thing in journey back to home , but I felt so happy that I could met with my big family in there

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